Global Partners joins with local schools to promote English and cultural activities throughout the year. Schools often form English clubs for students interested in increasing their English speaking ability. These clubs often invite Global Partners to take place in special activities throughout the year, like English corners or holiday parties. On occasion, Global Partners will conduct an English camp or cultural exchange for a few days over the students’ summer vacation. These provide more opportunities for students to grow in their English proficiency.

环球伙伴在往年与本地的学校一直有着很愉快的文化交流和英语夏令营的合作。 通常这些学校都有自己的英语俱乐部。这些英语俱乐部是由对英语有兴趣的学生组成的。为了增强英语口语的流利应用,他们会常常举办英语角或者跟西方文化有关的节日派对。很多次,我们环球伙伴都会出席在这样的场合。或者我们会做主办方来在假期举行几天的英语夏令营。这些活动非常有效的提供了难得的语言环境也便提高了学生们对英语的兴趣。

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