Breastfeeding infants have become an increasingly difficult task not only in the world, but especially in developing countries. Statistics show that breastfeeding rates around the world is only 44 percent while in China it is as low as 16 percent  in urban cities in 2014 according to article written in the Bloomberg View。 And it is continuing to decline. Global Partners seek to educate and support mothers in rural Guangxi on the benefits of breastfeeding so they can give their infants the perfect food and nurse exclusively for 6 months according to the WHO guidelines. We have professionally licensed personnel who hold regular classes for the community and organize discussion groups and forums to continue the support as well as do hospital visits and home visits. In the past year, we have helped countless moms to be and new mothers to continue exclusively nurse and provide their babies with the gift of immune and digestive health and proper weight gain.

母乳喂养已经成为全世界所关注的健康问题。 据环球健康媒体 (Global Health Media) 所调查, 在2014年母乳喂养在全世界的比例只有40%,而在中国只有 16%。而且这个指数还在年年降低。我们已经严重忽略了一个最有影响力,最方便,经济,和值得推广的解决肠胃健康,消化健康,和免疫力,以及营养不良的方法。


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