In the recent 2017 China’s People’s Congress meeting, a topic was brought up by Beijing Education and Science Institute’s specialized teacher, Wu Zheng Xian, to teach parenting in universities so China’s future parents。He believed that these parents should  be “licensed” to be a parent. This suggestion to “professionalize” parents is a response and effort to solve the parenting problems in China today. We have seen first hand how the relationships between parent and child disintergrates even as early as from age 3 on. Seeing this need, our Global Partners personnel have become trained through Roots Education in Beijing in the 6A principles of parenting to train parents to gain direction and goals in the area of discipline and unconditional love for their children. We have several upcoming workshops for parents to start thinking about how they parent and how to right the wrongs in their past parenting experiences.

据中国法院网报道,“在今年两会上,家庭教育问题是代表委员非常关注的话题。全国人大代表,北京教育科学研究院特级教师吴正宪建议,将家庭教育纳入大学课程体系,对于幼教,家政,教育等相关专业设立必修课,其他所有专业则选修。著名企业家曹德旺委员则呼吁制定家长教育法,建议家长要经过培训持证上岗等等。” 这个呼声确实是一个对当代家庭教育的一个真实反应和对策。 我们在广西看到多少因为教育子女而不知方向不知所以然的家庭。父母与孩子的关系甚至有的从三岁就开始荡然无存。我们环球伙伴看到这个需要就开始学习和接受这方面的培训。我们有幸接触到了北京根基教育的6A原则的培训。6A给父母提供了教育孩子的方向和蓝图。成为了6A亲子教育讲师后,我们准备在今年做几场公益讲座,用6A的方法来帮助父母们找到方向,并反省自己的育儿方式。愿能帮助他们纠正错的方式,并有方向的走下去。

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