Global Partners participates in health exchanges in a variety of ways.

  • We can offer free vision examination programs in rural areas
  • We are able to offer basic health screening (blood pressure checks) and healthy dietary information
  • We are able to help new mothers with breastfeeding
  • We can work with local government health bureaus to provide more training, and invite foreign experts to join in health exchanges


  1. 提供免费专业的老花眼,近视眼和远视眼测量与配眼镜。
  2. 提供基本的健康报告评估,检查血压,提供饮食方面的建议。
  3. 提供专业母乳喂养培训,催乳。
  4. 和本地健康局合作引进专科医师做更深一步的诊断。

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